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Address: 5150 S. Pecos RD. 

Las Vegas, Nevada 89102.

Phone: 702-443-3732. 


Sunday: 9 pm - 2 am.

Monday - Not Open.

Tuesday - Not Open.

Wednesday  - Not Open.

Thursday - 9 pm -  2 am

Friday -  9 pm  -  4 am 

The Studios Has 6,000 sq ft. two floors for you to Play in. 3 three bathrooms


The Studios runs on donations from the guest. The Donations are as follows;

Single Men $40.00 - $20.00 on Sunday Night

Single Ladies 10.00

Couples $20.00

Private Rooms 

The Top floor has 3 private rooms with door locks if you want total privacy, if not and you want people to just watch there is also a chain in the doorway so they know, they can watch but not enter or join in.  This gives you complete control of who and how a person participates The rooms are free of charge and have a 30 min. time limit. 

On Friday and Saturday nights you must reserve a private room. To do this just see the hostess at the desk were you checked in when you came into the club. She will put your name on a list. 

Bottom Floor



 PICK UP AFTER YOUR SELF , PUT RUBBERS, kleenex in trash cans

 Is an open play area. There are NO PRIVATE ROOMS in this floor.

In this area, you may enter any of the rooms you would like, You may sit and watch the action, ask participants to join and join in if invited.

Also, you will find a BDSM room, Stripper Pool Room and a Bathroom, and glory holes.

Sex Play is allowed any were in the club but most happens on the bottom floor  

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