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We Arrived At The Studios About 12 am like we always do on Saturday, We met a guy we had been talking to on the site, after talking for a while he asked Sue if he could touch her tit's she said yes, he started to play with them, after having a drink we asked him if he would get a private room with us. He said yes,  as we walked to the room, I had to use the restroom so Sue said they would meet me at the room. when I walked into the room Sue and Dave were standing by the bed naked, He was sucking her tit's and she was playing with his cock getting him hard, I took my close off knelt down next to Dave and took his cock into my mouth starting to suck him and play with his balls. By now, he was finger fucking Sue pussy and rubbing her clit as she moaned softly "Oh, yes oh god that feels so good" she took a step back and they fell on the bed. Dave moved so his cock was at Sue's mouth and she started to suck him and I started to eat her cunt, Dave took my cock into his mouth. Sue's hips were bucking upward as she holding my head as I ate her. I heard her tell Dave "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" fuck me dave fuck me. As Dave moved over her body her legs were spread wide, her cunt was dripping wat, I took Dave's cock, guided it toward her open waiting wet cunt, Dave pushed forward and his cock went deep into her, as he fucked her , I watch and Jacked off  as his ass was pounding into her that's when I got up to put my cock back into his mouth, just then I heard Sue, saying "ohhhh,god , ohoooo , I,m cumming Ohh I'm cumming fuck me! fuck me!" I saw Dave tens up Sue felt his cum splash into her pussy. Dave was still sucking my cock and I came into his mouth, when Dave got off Sue I went down on her to taste Dave's cum that was leaking out of her freshly fucked pussy.
We went out into the social area of the club for another drink. I told next time I want to suck his dick when he is ready to cum.

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