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Certainly a few issues to address still, but actually a solid platform to build on.And it is pretty to look at. Some of the gates and stations are stunning.The day that EVE Echoes ISK they add the chance to buy better ships or firearms only via IRL cash, or significantly more easily via IRL cash versus in-game money/farming, I will cancel my saline and uninstall the game.And I hope everybody will do exactly the same. We can't accept P2W games, or even that EE becomes one of these games where whales dominate by spending DOZENS of tens of thousands of dollars. This is just absurd and just not fun.Edit simply to say that this way I've loved EE. None of the P2W shit asking people to invest hundreds of bucks to complete a weekly event (yes, I am talking about you personally, Idle Heroes)

Guy purchases 100 in plex. Guy buys boat. Guy flexes on buddies about new ship. Guy takes boat to nulsec believing he'll pwn noobs. Guy gets clogged down and wrecked. Guy loses 100 dollars and his mind.Bring on p2w ships baby. The community may annihilate them.Haha yeah, that's what happens with present way EVE Online (and echoes) plex system works.OP ships that could only be bought with RL cash would be terrible. Rich (RL) players will dominate with these, while other excellent Cheap EVE Mobile ISK players who do not want to spend tons of cash would be left behind. That is P2W and it's bad.

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By Kingang
Added Dec 30 '20


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