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Okay dokie, I'm having difficulty at TDS. I moved a while ago, and OSRS gold I rather got ~1-3 kills per excursion. I really don't have any chaotic weapons, and I've karils, all three void (no more deflector, I neglect at conquest), whip, chest, verac's skirt, dragon def, korasi's sword. Can anyone recommend a fantastic set-up, or a good manual that manages my stats/gear?

You do not need a uni to get 15 kills+ per excursion, even at your level. I can inform you now. Anything, usually some sort of teleport because of what I was last doing, however occasionally Archers/Warriors. I use these for 10+ kills per trip at 78 ranged. They are economical and not as poor as people may create out.

Special Weapon: Enhanced Excalibur. I typically take 4 meals, and a full tortoise of this , 12-15 prayer potions (damn these go fast), a home tab, a pair of fostering baskets but no defence, and darklight. Oh and also the lantern. You'll likely swap around things like CLS for a Korasi's Sword or some thing (excellent 1handed stab weapon). I hope that helps, only remembering exactly what I use.

I'm considering doing Monkey Madness (along with the two quests you will need to finish before it), and I had been wondering if I have the stats to buy RuneScape gold do it relatively easily? Can I get through without perishing with these stats if I followed the guide? I would probably be meleeing everything.

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By Weismart
Added Dec 29 '20



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