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It serves only to enable easier EVE Echoes ISK pvp and ganking, to not simulate what a RL space-farer might confront.

What little ship is enormous enough to knock out a behemoth boat off its warp trajectory? What little boat could sustain its hull integrity even if bouncing were effective at transferring a behemoth away line? What ship's safety protocols are so feeble to allow just any pilot skilled enough to jump in and take the helm? How is one cloaked covert ops boat able to stay in a system afk forever to shut down it to industry? What healthy human can be on demand virtual fleet ops 24/7? What marketplace supports.01 isk wars? When EE doesn't work, I'll be gone again. Perhaps even earlier.

This cant be stated enough. EO players need to step back a bit and stfu.If that becomes a EO clone, but on cellular, it is dead to me.No one can honestly say that bubbles has not driven players away.There are a number of choices which worry me that this match is heading in a bad way which will lose allure for a few casual mobile gamers.

CCP has to bet that Cheap EVE Echoes ISK each one of the casuals which are willing to pay for Omega (2x omega for me personally ) is less than the hardcore griefer PVP types who lets be honest signed up 10 imitation gmail accounts and are running liquid chilled bluestacks multiboxer rigs.

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By Kingang
Added Dec 24 '20


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